Hi all, just Sean sharing another Winter themed MEME   Hope you all have our number when winter arrives!! 🙂

Our Supervisors working on their Advanced ILM(VRQ 2012) Apprenticeship In Management Summer is always a great time for the team at Frontline: the work pace slows as businesses take a few weeks out and our energies shift to developing the skills and maximising the opportunity of having some thinking time. Many of the team have recently taken up the offer of further education, our supervisors leading the way – each… Read More »

We are very sad to announce that one of our much loved and exceptional members of staff is leaving. Katie Underhill joined the Frontline team in 2009, at the tender age of eighteen. With typical drive and determination Katie managed to juggle both her work and her study, completing her Law degree at Southampton University whilst still working at Frontline. Heart felt thanks from David and Trish Katie also represents… Read More »

Hi all its Sean from Frontline, as my first post on the new website I thought I would share a meme which highlights the point that customers do not stop, just because a bit of snow! Make sure you have a backup plan encase you cannot into work this winter. If you do not have a plan I know a company that can answer your calls if you cannot.

Following on from our previous blog post on ‘The Call Centre’ we thought we would pay homage to those that work at ‘The Call Centre’ and the top boss himself Nev Wilshire. We have had plenty of laughs whilst watching the show and to say he is an outside the box thinker when it comes to the way he runs his business telephone answering business is an understatement, but the… Read More »

The recent airing of a new fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Swansea based Save Britain Money offices has captivated television audiences for both the right and wrong reasons. ‘The Call Centre’, shown on BBC3 explores the intimate and outlandish workings of the company Save Britain Money; a business which offers a call handling service & call answering service to the general public. The documentary delves into the workings of the company… Read More »

From Friday to Monday the staff at Frontline stopped getting dressed in the morning and went to work in their bed wear…. Providing they had some that is. Follow us on Facebook and see the pictures from the past weekend and keep up to date with new events that we will be holding.

Communication is paramount to having a successful business. People are driven by communication, so a business needs to have a means of communicating efficiently with its customers. Virtual telephones can help to facilitate communication at all levels of your business. A virtual telephone system is quite easy to set up. Virtual telephone systems provide businesses with features that are simply unavailable with typical office phone systems. Among these are call… Read More »

If you’re a small business owner who needs the features of a big business phone system with the freedom to receive calls on any phone, anywhere, then virtual telephone is the solution you’re looking for. Virtual telephone answering service gives you a single phone number that you can route to the phones of your choice. This means calls to your company’s main number can go to your employees no matter… Read More »