At Frontline Telephone Answering Service we are not just an Answering Service! We can be your devoted and on call customer services team. Ready and willing to take your customers calls, by using our service you can offer your customers the high class service that they deserve and that we can offer.   We can also interact with your customers in a manner of different way which include email, letters, text… Read More »

Hi everyone it’s Sean from Frontline Telephone Answering Service wishing you a merry Christmas. Hopefully it will be a nice and relaxing one!   Let us worry about your calls while you spend quality time with your family and friends. Sean

Sean from Frontline Telephone Answering service with the top 5 reasons for a small and start up busineses to use an Answering Service 1.Low cost. With most small companies and starting up businesses the biggest concern will be cost. Which is why using an Answering Service is the perfect solution to those worried that they cannot afford someone to answer their calls. Esspecially if it makes the difference between breaking … Read More »

Hi its Sean from Frontline Telephone Answering Service. I thought i would share an interesting blog on why doctor surgeries should consider using an Answering Service. Have you actually deemed the benefits of buying a doctor answering service? You might currently have a secretary, but you will discover at least five causes why hiring some extra assist may perhaps be both money-saving and money-making. Let’s overview…  1. A physician answering… Read More »

Hi it’s Sean again from Frontline Telephone Answering Service. I thought I would treat you with the last post in the series on answering calls. 12. Always confirm the information you have just received before you answer any questions… In confirming the information that the caller give, you are ensuring that you are actually catering to the caller’s needs and or concerns. Furthermore, it proves that you were listening and eliminates… Read More »

Hi it’s Sean from Frontline Telephone Answering Service with your penultimate post on the basics on answering calls. 11. Always ask questions rather than interpret… Never assume! Unless you are 100% certain what the caller want or physic, ask as many questions as you need to.

Hi it’s Sean from Frontline Telephone Answering Service.  Just found an interesting article by  Stephen Davies which explains the benefits gained from an Answering Service like the one we provide. Telephone answering services are much more than just hiring a polite and professional telephone manner for calls. It is about excellent communication through making your business available even if you are not present at the desk. Pre-recorded messages are notoriously out of… Read More »

10. Always check with the caller every 20 to 60 seconds when you place them on hold and if you know they’re going to have to hold for too long take their details and call them back once you can continue with the call.  Most people have experienced being placed on hold and feeling close to giving up and hanging up. Allot of people will just get fed up and hang up. Even… Read More »

As its almost christmas i thought i would treat you with another video of the puppies. Hope you’re all ready for christmas. Sean

9. Always identify yourself and or company … Answering the phone with a simple hello! or good day! is definitely not enough. The caller should know whom he or she is talking to without having to ask. Isn’t it easier to engage in a friendly conversation when you know whom you are talking to? Don’t you find it frustrating to realize that you have been talking to the wrong person… Read More »