05/01/2010 the night we got snowed in at the Frontline contact centre It was a lovely Tuesday; blue skies and a refreshing mild breeze – that was until it started snowing… (this is the grass verge and road outside our office) The snow came down quicker and heavier than we’d ever seen in Whiteley. We very quickly realised that things where wrong when the usual stream of traffic outside the… Read More »

Heavy snowfall has disrupted commuters nationwide, shut about 2,000 schools and caused traffic chaos in many parts of the UK. So what if your staff can’t get into work? Do you have a plan for when things go wrong? Disaster recovery is the process of restoring operations critical to the resumption of your business. One of the main factors this includes is communications, both incoming and outgoing calls. Frontline Telephone… Read More »

We hired someone to handle SEO for our company. That person agreed to generate more traffic to our site, and build back links for us. The “expert” we hired went about generating traffic through spamming various blogs. One of these blogs was the hpHosts blog, at The admin of that blog contacted our company to let us know the person we’d hired was spamming. A staff member at our… Read More »