Excellent service is based on what the customer perceives. Not on what you think it is!

Frontline is now on Youtube. Check out our first video introducing you to the team.

In April Frontline had the pleasure of having a professional photographer come in and take some photos of staff for our new website which will be revealed in the next few months. The photographers name was Michael Palmer, he made the day very enjoyable and relaxing for staff involved. Members of staff were so relaxed with Michael that they were even coming up with ideas for photos which Michael was… Read More »

 Hi it’s Sean again with Frontline just updating you with what is happening at the moment. We have now started to interview candidates and so far so good!! The first interview was yesterday when David returned from annual leave. Today we have been stood up but still have 3 candidates later on in the day so fingers crossed!!

  Hi my name is Sean and on Monday 5th of July I began my placement with Frontline. Prior to this I worked part time as an operator for Frontline while I studied at University and College. I chose to do my placement with Frontline because they have been good to me over the years and I knew that I would be given real responsibilities. On my first day I… Read More »

Wednesday 3rd March. Today we are exhibiting at Business South at the Rose Bowl in home of Hampshire Cricket. Business South is a business directory brought to life, representing the broadest cross-section of the regional business community. We are hope todays exhibition will help raising our awareness, by providing good networking opportunities. Why not come down and check out out stand? The Business South exhibition covers every aspect of business… Read More »

05/01/2010 the night we got snowed in at the Frontline contact centre It was a lovely Tuesday; blue skies and a refreshing mild breeze – that was until it started snowing… (this is the grass verge and road outside our office) The snow came down quicker and heavier than we’d ever seen in Whiteley. We very quickly realised that things where wrong when the usual stream of traffic outside the… Read More »

Heavy snowfall has disrupted commuters nationwide, shut about 2,000 schools and caused traffic chaos in many parts of the UK. So what if your staff can’t get into work? Do you have a plan for when things go wrong? Disaster recovery is the process of restoring operations critical to the resumption of your business. One of the main factors this includes is communications, both incoming and outgoing calls. Frontline Telephone… Read More »