We hired someone to handle SEO for our company. That person agreed to generate more traffic to our site, and build back links for us. The “expert” we hired went about generating traffic through spamming various blogs. One of these blogs was the hpHosts blog, at The admin of that blog contacted our company to let us know the person we’d hired was spamming. A staff member at our… Read More »

Tip 3! Get a Smile in your voice – a smile is contagious. You can really tell when someone is smiling ask they speak. This is something that gets lost in large and anonymous call centres or organisations and something we insist on at Frontline Telephone Answering service. How do you instigate the smile? Keep your team happy and motivated or just simply ask them to try, once they experience… Read More »

Tip 2! 2. If you require a lot of details from the caller manage their expectations, and tell them! There is nothing worse than being confronted by a call handler and a script. Worst of all is when they take you through what seems like a never ending string of questions “Name, number, address, email, favourite colour, last meal you ate, favourite dance move….” The fear in the mind’s of… Read More »

“Good morning, Frontline telephone answering service. David speaking how may I assist you today?” A professional, bright and friendly first point of contact can be integral in developing customer relations and in winning new business. Getting this first, essential contact wrong could drive that all important sales lead to your competitor. The tips below have been designed to ‘wow’ the customers from the start. By adhering to each of these… Read More »

With the ever increasing technology market growing more and more intelligent. blackberries, PDAs, sophisticated voicemail systems and iPhones equipped with internet access. It might appear such tools could mean the demise of telephone answering service. Although you may have tried to save money using computers to answer your phones as technology has improved, many customers will simply hang up due to the annoyance of having to deal with an automated… Read More »