Technology develops in much faster ways than every before. Staying on brand across multiple channels and platforms is becoming harder and harder for companies, and it is important to maintain that honest communication with your customers to ensure brand integrity. At Frontline we offers services that support multichannel retailers. Our team understands how to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and how to ensure you are interacting with the right… Read More »

If your business is reliant on customers purchasing a product either directly over the phone with your customer service team, or through a secure page on your e-commerce website, it can be difficult to achieve success. There are many pitfalls to understand and to navigate around, and the Frontline team not only understands how to do so, but we also know how to invigorate the entire process to enhance your… Read More »

Charitable organisations are always working within tough situations and environments, at home and abroad. Depending on the type of work that a charity undertakes it could be receiving calls of a sensitive nature from distressed callers, or calls from emergency or disaster zones. At Frontline we have developed a highly trained team of call operatives who understand how best to deal with calls involving the charity sector. We can offer… Read More »

Within certain sectors it is never acceptable for a caller to have to wait for a call to be answered. It could be that a vulnerable person is calling from a dangerous situation, or is in need of an understanding ear. Where 24-hour support is required to assist communities in need of support, a listening ear service is a vital component of that assistance. Frontline offers our Listening Ear service… Read More »

Clear and effective communication, data capture, reporting and analysis provide the key building blocks for any business to improve. When it comes to building for the future, creating team goals, individual targets and training programmes, as well as improving standards and effective processes, it is important to understand existing problems, anticipate future problems and have plans in place to deal with those problems before they occur. With our CRM Logging… Read More »

When it comes to IT support and customer service support, any downtime can cause massive disruption to productivity levels and hit profits hard if undetected for too long. Our team offers a professional continuity support service that assists businesses at times where traffic has increased to a level where the in-house team cannot cope with demand effectively. The last thing you want is for customers, to be left hanging in… Read More »

Every business requires IT support in the modern age. If you have access to an in-house IT support team, or you require additional support at times of stress, Frontline has a team of experts who can assist you. Our dedicated team of IT technicians are highly trained and can provide our customers with IT service desk support 24 hour per day, 7 days per week. When working with a new… Read More »

Overflow call handling has always been a central part of the Frontline service. Our highly skilled team offers call handling support to a wide range of businesses working within myriad industry. Communication is key within any business, for you and your staff, to dialogue and correspondence with suppliers, but most important communication with your customers. Ensuring that your customers can get through to you, even if all of your call… Read More »

Customer service standards in any industry can be improved upon if there is a robust and effective process in place to monitor employee practices, to understand the key issues and sticking points, and to analyse data in order to build a strong response and continue to grow as a company. Frontline offers bespoke reporting to help you maintain high standards of customer service. We will carefully monitor, track and report… Read More »

Having a robust plan in place for business continuity during crisis situations will ensure that no matter what happens you are fully prepared to minimise disruption, downtime and loss of productivity and profits. When an emergency situation takes place, one that is completely out of your control, your reaction to those events can shape your reputation and how your customers, suppliers, and the general public perceive your brand. A poor… Read More »