At Frontline we understand how important it is to engage with your customers in a way that maintains a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Sometimes your customers will wish to put in a complaint or issue a query, and it is at these moments that our highly trained teams understand how to de-escalate a call, or go through a proper call escalation process that resolves an issue… Read More »

Once you have set up a clear system of ordering taking from the company end, a process that our team can be of assistance with as you see fit, it is important to provide your customers with flexibility of choice when making an order or seeking out information. At Frontline our team of call centre operatives can be utilised to help manage this process, to take specific orders and pass… Read More »

Twenty Years of Co-operation, Excellence, Trust and Loyalty Frontline began its journey in 1999, at a time when call centres were just beginning their rise. The original Frontline Telephone Answering Service opened in a tiny office in Warsash, later moving to Whiteley and then becoming Frontline Communications Group, settling in a prime location in Cosham. Starting with just two clients, Frontline now proudly partners with over 150 companies from multiple… Read More »

At Frontline we understand how important it is for your company to set up a process of order taking that is not only comfortable, clear, and secure for your customers, but one that is perfect for your employees. With our support you can implement a clear order taking process that fits the bill, ensuring that your customers are spoken to with courtesy and efficiency from the very first call. Our… Read More »

The Frontline team has plenty of experience in assisting companies working within many different sectors. When it comes to the not-for-profit and charity sector, we have the ability to work as the first point of contact for many individuals looking to make a donation to a certain charity. There is a lot of responsibility when working with clients in this field and we have the flexibility of approach and the… Read More »

Large businesses require many different facets to be running to capacity at any given time in order to be successful. At Frontline we understand that at times a large business needs that little bit of extra assistance to get by, when the current in-house team is struggling to deal with customer calls and queries. If your business continues to grow and you are seeing customer satisfaction levels drop slightly due… Read More »

If your company deals with customers and suppliers in different countries it could make a massive difference to customer satisfaction levels and company reputation and profits, over a longer period of time, if you can speak their language. At Frontline we provide interpreter and translator services to our business customers, ensuring they can converse with clients and suppliers in a wide range of languages, without losing the essence of the… Read More »

You’ll have seen us talking on these pages about the many different services that we offer that can significantly improve the processes in your workplace and the services and products that you offer. How does the Frontline service work though? Specifically, how does our telephone answering service work? In essence, our telephone answering service ensures that your customer always have access to communication channels with your business. If they have… Read More »

At Frontline we provide medium and large-sized business with customer service and call handling support. Our specialist teams are highly trained in everything to do with your business, ensuring that there is brand consistency no matter who your customers and prospects are talking to (our teams or your in-house customer service teams). Why should your business choose to work with Frontline? Our teams are available to work on behalf of… Read More »

If you are running a business that relies heavily on its interaction with customers you may be looking at ways in which you can increase your bandwidth and provide your customers with a different way to interact with your company. Building brand recognition and improving brand reputation is difficult, but by providing live chat, and integrating AI chatbots into your approach, you could cover a few more customer bases. Provide… Read More »