There are so many advantages to hiring a professional contact centre to support your business, and at Frontline we have experience in a wide variety of services that could assist you in reaching your potential. No matter what industry you are working in we have the know-how to help you build greater customer relationships, improve the standard of service you offer, and build greater levels of customer satisfaction. We can:… Read More »

Frontline offers a service that helps you to bridge the gap to your customers no matter where in the world they are located, or what language they speak. It is important to be able to connect with your customers in their own language, and that is why we have a multilingual call centre service to assist our clients in any way they see fit. It doesn’t matter what type of… Read More »

At Frontline we are always looking to evolve and change with the times. One area in which technology has improved drastically is with the chatbot on a company website. Whereas in the past it was seen as a slow and cumbersome way to deal with customer queries, and a process, which left many people feeling cold, it can now be used in a more productive and positive way. Direct Customers… Read More »

In order to improve as a company it is vital that you understand your customers. Without a healthy understanding of what makes your customers tick, you could end up losing them to your competitors. As a professional call centre service we understand how important it is for our teams to act as if we are you when dealing with your customers, and that is why we employ some feedback that… Read More »

In any line of business the customer is always king. Learning how your customers behave and the ways in which your customer service impacts on the customers’ happiness with your brand is a vital component of any growing business. At Frontline we understand that we are taking your business in our hands when our contact centre team communicate with your customers (either as outbound sales calls or inbound customer service… Read More »

At Frontline we have an amazing team of contact centre operatives who are highly trained in all aspects of customer care and customer satisfaction. Providing a consistent level of performance is a key component of our service to you, and it is important that your brand is enhanced by using our call centre service, and never put in jeopardy. Whenever we take on a new client we ensure that our… Read More »

Never Miss Out on Potential New Leads At Frontline we understand how important it is for many businesses to maintain customer care for 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Being connected in a much more effective way with your customers allows you to build good relationships, but it also ensures that you have the ability to make new contacts at all times. With our telephone answering service we provide… Read More »

When it comes to talking with potential customers on the phone you’ll often come across those who just love to talk, or talk non-stop due to nerves. It can be a dangerous balancing act for a sales agent to be caught on the phone for too long with a potential customer – trying to find the right way to move a conversation on without being rude. With our experienced contact… Read More »

Understanding your customers, how they interact with you and how they purchase and complain, is an important process for any successful business. At Frontline we understand that you want to explore the data and information that flows through your sales and customer service teams, and we have the ability to provide a high quality service of bespoke reporting that can deliver just that. Whether you are hiring our team to… Read More »

At Frontline we have always been on the mind-set that training and continual education is the only way to ensure that standards are raised across the board and consistency maintained. We want your customers to receive the best customer service possible when our team is helping your company out with one of our services. With that in mind we have developed a unique in-house training programme aimed at providing our… Read More »