Conflict is inevitable for every company, no matter how well it performs. There will always be customers that have a query to make, a complaint to put in, or an angry tone when they contact your customer service team. Understanding call escalation and learning ways in which you can resolve a situation in a calm, ordered fashion, is a vital component to delivering consistently excellent customer service. With the right… Read More »

Ensuring that your customers are happy at all times is tough work. As a company scales it can be difficult to maintain a high level of standard and consistency, especially if you take high volumes of orders over the telephone or online. An order taking service can help you streamline your operations, making it much more effective and profitable as a result. The Frontline order taking service provides your company… Read More »

The customer is always king, and for any business to survive it is important that a loyal customer base is developed over time. The most cost effective marketing that any company can do is free, and involves recommendation by current customers to potential customers through word of mouth or posting on social media. Brand recognition is vital, but what can you do to ensure your customers are satisfied enough to… Read More »

As businesses grow there comes with it a range of potential pitfalls and complications that need to be navigated carefully. One area in which a large and growing business requires assistance at times is with its customer service team. Running a core customer service team is a vital part of any business, but at times it can be overwhelming and when capacity is reached and a team is overstretched, a… Read More »

Technology develops in much faster ways than every before. Staying on brand across multiple channels and platforms is becoming harder and harder for companies, and it is important to maintain that honest communication with your customers to ensure brand integrity. At Frontline we offers services that support multichannel retailers. Our team understands how to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and how to ensure you are interacting with the right… Read More »

If your business is reliant on customers purchasing a product either directly over the phone with your customer service team, or through a secure page on your e-commerce website, it can be difficult to achieve success. There are many pitfalls to understand and to navigate around, and the Frontline team not only understands how to do so, but we also know how to invigorate the entire process to enhance your… Read More »

Charitable organisations are always working within tough situations and environments, at home and abroad. Depending on the type of work that a charity undertakes it could be receiving calls of a sensitive nature from distressed callers, or calls from emergency or disaster zones. At Frontline we have developed a highly trained team of call operatives who understand how best to deal with calls involving the charity sector. We can offer… Read More »

Within certain sectors it is never acceptable for a caller to have to wait for a call to be answered. It could be that a vulnerable person is calling from a dangerous situation, or is in need of an understanding ear. Where 24-hour support is required to assist communities in need of support, a listening ear service is a vital component of that assistance. Frontline offers our Listening Ear service… Read More »

Clear and effective communication, data capture, reporting and analysis provide the key building blocks for any business to improve. When it comes to building for the future, creating team goals, individual targets and training programmes, as well as improving standards and effective processes, it is important to understand existing problems, anticipate future problems and have plans in place to deal with those problems before they occur. With our CRM Logging… Read More »

When it comes to IT support and customer service support, any downtime can cause massive disruption to productivity levels and hit profits hard if undetected for too long. Our team offers a professional continuity support service that assists businesses at times where traffic has increased to a level where the in-house team cannot cope with demand effectively. The last thing you want is for customers, to be left hanging in… Read More »