In any business, customers are key. Understanding who they are and what they need is vital to ensuring you provide excellent service. But how exactly can you understand your customers? Here are just three ways: 1. Listen It really is that simple. People like to be heard, be it when they are voicing an opinion, making a complaint or simply asking a question. Listening carefully is the first way to… Read More »

There are few industries that the internet has not impacted. Which means times are changing when it comes to how businesses offer customer support. No longer just a telephone answering service, a modern contact centre covers the full range of customer service and outreach. Social media gives customers the opportunity to make a comment at any time of day or night. This can be difficult for small businesses and operations… Read More »

While it may sound somewhat cliched, team bonding sessions are extremely important for employees working in contact centres. Spending most of the day working directly with customers can often leave little time for relationships between team members to develop. However, it has long been known that teams with close working relationships are happier and more productive, even at times when they aren’t working directly with their team members. Here are… Read More »

Recording calls within your call or contact centre can be a difficult task which utilises resources, but have you ever tried to fully understand why it is done? For any business that is centred around telephone answering services, the benefits of monitoring phone calls far exceed the time and resources spent on recording. Our experts discuss a few reasons why call recording is necessary in your contact centre: 1. Improve… Read More »

Part of the role of any telephone answering service can be to deal with complaints. A previous blog: Tips for Dealing with an Angry Person, talks about the behavior side of such situations. Of course, this is vital, especially when dealing with services, funeral call handling would be a prime example, where emotions are often running high. However, many businesses – and some individuals within them – still have a… Read More »

The contact centre is in the midst of a technological leap which only a few years ago seemed to belong to the future, but which may soon be taken for granted by customers. That’s the prediction from industry observers as robotics and artificial intelligence look set to drive a whole new industrial revolution. Call centres are a sector which could be fundamentally transformed by automation, with tens of thousands of… Read More »

Most businesses have call centres, or at the very least, staff manning the telephones. It is an essential part of customer service and aims to make the customer experience a positive one. But why exactly do people contact call centres in the first place? We’ve narrowed down three top reasons, and the importance of responding to them. 1. They want to make a purchase First and foremost, many of your… Read More »

All businesses need to be able to handle calls from customers in an understanding and professional manner. However, this is particularly true of funeral businesses. If you run an organisation that provides funeral services, you already know that your customers need to be treated with respect and sensitivity. Each customer has recently lost a loved one and is likely to be distraught and emotionally vulnerable. As a result, we believe… Read More »

When it comes to handling telephone calls from customers and clients, you have two main options. You can hire personnel to respond to calls in-house, or you can out-source the task to a professional call-handling service. There are a number of important differences between these two approaches and we earnestly believe that the second one is better for most small businesses and start-ups. However, you don’t need to take our… Read More »

The title of this blog is deliberately misleading – and we hope that doesn’t make you angry! If it does, have you become an ‘angry person’? It’s easy for those working as part of a telephone answering service team to categorise callers in this way. Even on a subconscious level, a person’s anger can be perceived as an integral part of who they are. However, this isn’t really the case…. Read More »