Providing top quality customer service is essential for all businesses. Doing so includes making sure you have effective call answering so that customers can get in touch whenever they may need to. Often companies debate whether to outsource their call centre or keep it as an in-house operation. Yet outsourcing can really benefit customers and lead to a more positive company reputation. Here are three reasons why. 1. Professional staff… Read More »

Having a good telephone answering service can offer a lot of benefits to your firm, including increased sales, fewer distractions and the freeing up of time to work on different areas of the business. However, since there are so many providers of this service out there, it may be difficult trying to choose the best company to suit your needs. As such, our experts have put together a short list… Read More »

Receiving a call from a customer could present you with any number of scenarios. They could be strong and steadfast who is able to conduct their business quickly. They could be recently bereaved and be struggling to maintain their composure over the phone, or they could be obviously weepy over the phone. Whatever the situation you find yourself faced with you need to treat the individual on the other end… Read More »

We all have them. Clients who make a situation particularly stressful, whether it’s because of a complaint, late delivery on a service, or because they’re a tad high maintenance. In any industry, you need to be able to handle any client with ease, no matter how much they ask of you. Whenever you start feeling stressed or emotional while talking to a client or working on what they need, take… Read More »

If you’ve ever worked in a call centre setting, you’ll have seen your colleagues around you answering the phone with a professional tilt to their voice. They’re confident, they know their information and what they need to do to keep a customer or client talking. It all starts with how you begin your phone call. It doesn’t matter if you’re making inbound calls or outbound calls, the process is still… Read More »

Conflict at work is a natural part of any environment. Two people may have opposing ideas, someone may take credit that isn’t theirs to take, or any number of disagreements may happen between a group of individuals. Tempers can run hot when you’re spending 40 hours a week with the same people, and it’s almost impossible to be friends with absolutely everyone in your office. Conflict handling is an essential… Read More »

Emotional intelligence is an individual’s ability to be self-aware and empathetic, while also being rational. This means that the individual has a good knowledge of themselves, can recognise and understand their own behaviours and emotions, as well as being able to easily identify with the emotions and behaviours of other people. Above all else, having emotional intelligence means that the individual can also act rationally in a situation that needs… Read More »

From public speaking to telephone conversations, we all stumble over our words with the dreaded “um”. The last thing you want to do when you’re talking is seem like you don’t precisely know what you’re saying. But the “um” can strike at any time, from a presentation meeting to an important call with a client. However, there are ways to stop yourself from relying on “um”, or any of its… Read More »

Sometimes we are tasked with communicating difficult messages at work. A difficult message doesn’t necessarily mean that something utterly dire has happened, such as a family death, but rather there may be a substantial issue with a client that needs to be dealt with. The first step to communicating a difficult message is to be honest. Don’t try to gloss over the seriousness of a situation, but don’t be overly… Read More »

Your employees will always benefit from a little extra training while they’re at work. Remember, if you are going to offer extra training, it’s best to either offer it during the work day or have mandatory training sessions that are paid. This will keep you in your employees’ good books, and they’re more likely to pay attention if there are rewards in place. Considering that it’s extra training, unless legally… Read More »