It’s a famous expression; you only get one chance to make a first impression. For many businesses, their call centre is the first point of contact for new and potential customers. As such, the first impression cannot be understated and all efforts should be taken to ensure it is a positive one. Here are 4 ways that your call centre can create outstanding first impressions. 1. Minimise wait time The… Read More »

Gaining customer loyalty is a must for all businesses, but before you can gain loyalty you must build trust. The way your contact centre deals with customers will have a huge impact when it comes to trust building, so here are four tips for call centre agents looking to form strong customer relationships. 1. Provide 24-hour support It may sound like a huge task, but providing 24/7 support is so… Read More »

Many people assume that contacting a business will be met with dull, unenthusiastic call centre agents. However, the right agents for your business should offer a positive experience for all callers. Handling customer calls should always be done with care, especially in funeral call handling or other sensitive circumstances. Here are three tips to ensure that your customers find their conversation helpful and rewarding. 1. Don’t stick to a script… Read More »

Effective listening is an important technique that increases the chances of a customer being satisfied and developing a sense of loyalty towards the call centre agent. It makes the customer feel acknowledged, will promote cooperation and reduce misunderstandings. The most important thing is to present a positive image of your company and by making your customer feel they are being listened to properly, it will make them view the company… Read More »

When training call centre agents, a lot of emphasis goes into exactly what they SHOULD say. Scripts and prompts are often put in place to ensure that the right things are said at the right time. These are valuable methods, but it is also important to ensure that staff know what NOT to say. Here are four phrases that particularly frustrate customers, that agents should always aim to avoid. 1…. Read More »

It is a famous saying; the customer is always right. This phrase is used to promote quality customer service in all industries, with the intentions of always making sure that the customer is happy. However, in some incidences leading the customer to believe they are right when they’re not can be damaging to the company and even the customer’s experience overall. But what do you do when the customer is… Read More »

There are various schools of thought on when it’s best to invest in telephone customer service – should you front load it at the sales point so that customers can get information that might encourage them to buy? Would it be better to invest during the point of delivery? Or is after sales support the key to build brand loyal customers who return to buy from you again and again?… Read More »

Outsourcing your business calls to a live telephone answering service provides small and medium-sized businesses with a variety of advantages. Some of the benefits associated with an outsourced telephone answering service are discussed below. Benefits of outsourcing telephone answering services Many small to mid-sized businesses receive hundreds of calls weekly and it’s often the case that callers are unprepared to leave messages on voicemail. Your business could be losing customers… Read More »

In almost every business, customer service is paramount to ensure your company is successful. But the true cost of bad customer service is often underestimated. For contact centres in particular, customer service needs to be of the highest possible standard. As the point of contact for people who are confused, angry or sad in many cases, there are so many factors to consider. With that in mind, here are some… Read More »

Running a business is never easy, and challenges arise all the time. For many businesses, having an efficient team answering phone calls is essential, not only for the day to day running but to provide excellent customer service. This is particularly important when it comes to funeral call handling when long wait times can add frustration to people who are already experiencing grief, sadness or anger. When employees call in… Read More »