Twenty Years of Co-operation, Excellence, Trust and Loyalty Frontline began its journey in 1999, at a time when call centres were just beginning their rise. The original Frontline Telephone Answering Service opened in a tiny office in Warsash, later moving to Whiteley and then becoming Frontline Communications Group, settling in a prime location in Cosham. Starting with just two clients, Frontline now proudly partners with over 150 companies from multiple… Read More »

At Frontline we provide medium and large-sized business with customer service and call handling support. Our specialist teams are highly trained in everything to do with your business, ensuring that there is brand consistency no matter who your customers and prospects are talking to (our teams or your in-house customer service teams). Why should your business choose to work with Frontline? Our teams are available to work on behalf of… Read More »

Good customer service is a key element to any contact centre, and your staff play a key role in ensuring that customers receive a good impression of your company. They are often the first and only contact with the company, so it’s vital customers have a positive experience. Here are a few ways to help improve the efficiency of your staff and deliver the best customer experience possible. 1) Provide… Read More »

When you run an online business it’s tempting to keep it all in one place. That means that all services are run digitally, including customer contact. However, being an online business can put you at a disadvantage if you aren’t able to communicate efficiently or effectively with your customers. With that in mind, here are four reasons why your online business needs a call centre. 1. Human interaction When you… Read More »

Whether an accurate reputation or not, call centres are known for their high turnover of staff. It’s true that working in a call centre requires a specific set of skills and personality traits that perhaps not everybody possesses, but a high turnover of employees can mean more money is spent on training and recruitment. Is there a way to retain new employees, while simultaneously improving the service given by your… Read More »

In the digital age, many people may assume customer phone calls and call centres are outdated. But actually, phone calls are one of the best ways to deliver customer service, and most customers prefer it. Phone calls offer something that fancy websites, and elaborate emails simply don’t. Here are just three reasons why phone calls are still considered a top way to get your customer service perfect. 1. People trust… Read More »

Our challenge One of our main focuses is to ensure that our customers are provided round the clock support even when the business is closed. Outcome Frontline allows this support, our customers not only get the peace of mind in being able to speak to someone but also a replication of our high professional customer service standards we lay out as a business. “Frontline provide a highly professional standard when… Read More »

Once a quarter we get the whole team in a room for our full staff meeting, I say ‘whole’, of course, we leave a team on the phones! In each meeting, we cover a number of subjects/topics. For a little light relief, we always try and get the team’s input on something we’re working on. This quarter we’re looking at the way we talk about what we do. So we set… Read More »

Testimonial Company: Rushcliffe Borough Council Name: Shirley Woltman Title: Customer Service Manager Our challenge We needed a cost-effective and high-quality telephone answering service where residents could access council services in an emergency situation outside of normal working hours. Outcome Frontline absorbed our scripts and had a resolution in place within 4 weeks of our initial contact conversation. “As a relatively small council we receive few out of hours calls but… Read More »

Although your business may operate during standard working hours, customers expect to be able to contact you at any time. With modern communication methods providing multi-channel customer support, it’s important for companies to provide a round-the-clock support service. Enabling customers to contact you at any time ensures that they can access the support they need, whenever they need it. With many individuals placing a premium on good customer service, companies… Read More »