Our challenge One of our main focuses is to ensure that our customers are provided round the clock support even when the business is closed. Outcome Frontline allows this support, our customers not only get the peace of mind in being able to speak to someone but also a replication of our high professional customer service standards we lay out as a business. “Frontline provide a highly professional standard when… Read More »

Once a quarter we get the whole team in a room for our full staff meeting, I say ‘whole’, of course, we leave a team on the phones! In each meeting, we cover a number of subjects/topics. For a little light relief, we always try and get the team’s input on something we’re working on. This quarter we’re looking at the way we talk about what we do. So we set… Read More »

Testimonial Company: Rushcliffe Borough Council Name: Shirley Woltman Title: Customer Service Manager Our challenge We needed a cost-effective and high-quality telephone answering service where residents could access council services in an emergency situation outside of normal working hours. Outcome Frontline absorbed our scripts and had a resolution in place within 4 weeks of our initial contact conversation. “As a relatively small council we receive few out of hours calls but… Read More »

Although your business may operate during standard working hours, customers expect to be able to contact you at any time. With modern communication methods providing multi-channel customer support, it’s important for companies to provide a round-the-clock support service. Enabling customers to contact you at any time ensures that they can access the support they need, whenever they need it. With many individuals placing a premium on good customer service, companies… Read More »

Hi Guys, The next fundraiser will be for the Portsmouth Rucksack appeal. The charity has been running locally for 4 years and roughly 10,000 rucksacks were donated last year. These are then distributed to local Charities, Churches, and other homeless organisations who in turn distribute them to the homeless in our community.  So how can you help? We will be placing a large box in the office and are asking… Read More »

This year to raise money for the Macmillan Coffee Morning myself, Dorothy and Emma organised Frontline’s first ever bake off challenge. Being the food connoisseur that Dorothy is, she was eager to help judge the food 🙂 We had an assortment of food produced by all departments of the business for the event. It is easy to say that no one went home hungry on Friday or with a full… Read More »

Anyone considering outsourced customer service could well be unaware of one big change that is sure to shake up the way information gathering is carried out. In May 2018, businesses will find themselves subject to more stringent and far-reaching laws on the ways they gather personal information as the EU General Data Protection Regulation becomes law. Unfortunately, it carries with it hefty fines for non-compliance. Changing how you gather customer… Read More »

Your customers have expectations of your business. They expect to connect with a real person, first time, and get resolution to all their enquiries and issues. Queues and automated responses will frustrate them and reflect poorly on you. Achieving customer satisfaction year round is no easy task, especially for seasonal businesses which need to ensure the right people are serving their customers – doing the right things at the right… Read More »

WE CAN HELP You work hard during the year, managing customer calls and expectations 24 hours a day. People call you all the time, and just when you seem to have everything sorted out, you receive another ring. Another question. Another request. Another issue. Customer calls can catch and distract you at any time, even when you are enjoying your time on holiday. If only there was a way to… Read More »

As National Customer Service Week rolls round again, it’s perhaps a good idea to take a look at why this is such an important part of your business strategy. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is, whether traditional bricks and mortar or exclusively online – if you don’t have a commitment to excellent customer service at every stage, you will quickly run into trouble. The world is awash with… Read More »