If your business relies on cold calling to find potential new customers, you’ll understand the pressures that your outbound call team will face on a daily basis. If the results haven’t been as good as you would expect, or you are struggling with the demands in-house, one approach could be to hire the services of a professional contact centre team with the experience of cold calling in a wide variety… Read More »

No matter how good you make your services and your products, you are always going to need new customers to make your business viable over a long period of time. Branding is vital to this process, and one area where you might not realise your brand is being perceived, is where your customer interactions with your employees is concerned. Branding is not just about what logo and font you use… Read More »

One of the things we are often asked by prospective clients here at Frontline is whether or not the customer will know that we are an outsourced team. We completely understand that this worry is one of the reasons that many companies do not look to hire the services of a specialist contact centre team when they are looking at ways to manage customer service and the flow of calls… Read More »

At Frontline we have over 16 years of experience in call centre services, delivering a consistent and high level of quality to our customers in a wide range of scenarios and industries. Many times, our customers have come to us with problems that they have struggled to solve up to that point and we have been able to deliver a service that relieves pressure, maintains standards and consistency and allows… Read More »

Small and medium size businesses have many challenges and obstacles to overcome if they are to be successful. For many businesses of this size the chance to scale has too many pitfalls to contend with, and one of those is how to maintain a high level of standards and consistency with an order-taking service. Order taking services, whether through an online process or over the telephone make sense for many… Read More »

The charity sector has many different requirements and has many different types of people that relies on it. At Frontline we understand the pressures that charities are under, and we have encountered many different types of charitable organisations, with many different types of requests over the years. For some charities there is an urgent need to find more donors and sponsors, for others its active listeners to step in and… Read More »

Your customers should mean everything to you. If your business sells products or services directly to customers, there is always a sales process that is designed to facilitate that desire. With this in mind, there are many a simple and elaborate sales process created by businesses, with many different outcomes and levels of satisfaction (for both the employees working the internal sales processes and the customer journey). With the support… Read More »

Great customer service is important to your company as it is a sure-fire way to grow genuine relationships and retain your core customers and a way to boost your brand reputation and attract new customers through a delivery of high standards. At Frontline we have built a team of contact centre operatives with the key qualities to thrive as customer service agents. What is it that we believe makes a… Read More »

Poor customer service can have a massive impact on your company in a negative sense. If your customer service team delivers a poor service to your customers it can damage your brand, lose you customers, and prevent positive word of mouth from helping you entice new customers. If you are a customer receiving poor customer service, there are a few things you can do to help improve the situation. If… Read More »

At Frontline we provide the tools and the framework from which our contact centre professionals can work. We believe that the best approach is to continuously improve our employees, providing training, guidance and support at all stages to ensure that our teams deliver the highest standard of service to your customers, on a consistent basis. The idea of our service is that we can provide our clients with additional support… Read More »