Elevator Pitch – Staff meeting, 2018

Once a quarter we get the whole team in a room for our full staff meeting, I say ‘whole’, of course, we leave a team on the phones!

In each meeting, we cover a number of subjects/topics. For a little light relief, we always try and get the team’s input on something we’re working on. This quarter we’re looking at the way we talk about what we do. So we set the task of having the team create an Elevator Pitch; A 30-second sales pitch.

Although hesitant at first the team took the task and delivered the results to their colleagues with great aplomb. I was so proud of the results I just had to share them. Well done all.


Very nice to meet you. Success in any business requires meeting and ideally exceeding your customers’ expectations. During periods of high business stress, these opportunities are easily lost. That’s where we can step in – at the time when you need us most. We take the calls, gather crucial information and solve situations. We can provide you with the essential additional resources your business needs. Professional, expert support. We provide tailored, bespoke services from a pool of experienced and adaptable staff. For loyal and trusted partners – ‘follow the Frontline Way’. Need more information?


We are a family owned boutique call centre who provide excellent service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We provide emergency response and frontline assistance at a time when clients are often at their most vulnerable.
Our operators are trained through quality assurance to evaluate and solve problems by asking open and honest questions. We are both proactive and reactive to the client’s immediate needs and always work to achieve the best possible outcome to assist your customers and maintain your standards of service. We have the experience and facilities to tailor our service to your any business requirements and cover the hours you find difficult to cover.


Frontline provide communications support 24 hours a day, every day, from our offices in Portsmouth. We can monitor, and respond to, phone calls, emails, SMS and social media. Our highly trained staff can support anything from basic message taking to complex triage and escalations. We have been supporting businesses for over 18 years, are experts in what we do, and can set up processes and reporting tailored to your business. Would you like me to send you some more information?


We are a multi-channel communications Company providing bespoke customer service packages around the way you communicate with your customers. Our team of exceptional Customer Service advisors can provide your company with 24/7 cover 365 days a year ensure your business never misses a single customer interaction. Frontline is a leading UK contact centre supplying inbound and outbound customer services across the UK. In the last 19 years, we have been a trusted extension of over 250 UK and international businesses. We pride ourselves in delivering an impeccable service to your customers and channeling the very essence of your brand into each and every touch point. Our multichannel capabilities mean that we are able to provide an Omnichannel approach to customer engagement which is essential in today’s current business climate.


We’re the Front Line of any business be it small, medium or large. We triage seamlessly with your company processes, ethos and values; be it simply taking a message, arranging appointments or a complicated call out and escalation service. Our highly trained operators and our state of the art IT infrastructure are there for you 24 x 7, 365 days of the year. Leaving you to get on and enjoy your life with total peace of mind.


We’re like a call centre, but not. Frontline specialises in providing tailor-made solutions to businesses that require support in providing exceptional customer support. For 19 years our teams have honed their skills on the phone, via email and live chat and social to provide expert assistance to customer enquiries 24 hours a day


For 19 years Frontline has specialised in providing the first point of contact for customers experiencing a technical issue. From simple ‘log and flog’ to more complex first line triage and solution the team are driven by the need to assist in providing a resolution, 24/7/365


Frontline have been providing a caring and empathetic service to the bereaved for over 19 years. A family business with a passion for delivering a seamless and professional 1st impression of funeral businesses from 1 branch to 800: our dedicated funeral support team use their experience of over 25k calls per month to ensure that your customers get the very best response 24/7 without troubling your key asset: your team.


Great work, I’m sure you’d agree!