Frontline Expands Social Media Services

Frontline Social Media ExpansionPortsmouth, Hampshire – 14 April 2014 – Frontline today is proud to announce a major expansion of its industry-leading customer service offerings. Our skilled operators are now connecting with customers through a diversity of top social media sites, making our 24/7 support easier to access than ever before.

Frontline is a third-party customer service provider that gives businesses the resources and expertise they require to meet customer needs on a 24/7/365 basis. We offer translation services, emergency hotline/helpdesk service, call handling, and order taking services.

Our new social media offerings bolster an already strong portfolio of multi-channel communication spanning telephone, email, snail mail, and business websites. They also provide the additional advantage of building customer communities, which can become effective crowdsourcing tools for defining problems and troubleshooting solutions more efficiently than would otherwise be possible.

We have already begun working with two large firms to spearhead customer service campaigns on social media, and have thus far seen an enthusiastic response from customers around the world. As our operators hone their skills and firmly establish our clients’ presence on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we are finding new ways to connect with customers and address their questions and concerns.

Frontline is dedicated to constantly improving our services, surpassing our clients’ expectations, and streamlining the customer service experience. So we are always eager to embrace the latest technologies in order to keep our clients at the forefront of their industries. By branching out into the world of social media, we hope to provide customers with an easier and more personal way to voice their comments and reach out to us for assistance.

We have also found that engagement on social sites enables us to much more effectively manage brand reputation by swiftly addressing PR problems that could escalate if not addressed in a timely fashion. Moreover, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are excellent platforms for showcasing personal dimensions of a business that customers might not otherwise have a chance to see.

As we continue to expand and improve our services, we are excited to extend our social media expertise to more of our clients and customers.