Frontline Telephone Answering Restructures Call Centre For PCI Compliance


When we at Frontline Telephone Answering take orders on behalf of our customers, data security has always been one of our top concerns. We have always trained our staff on all aspects of credit card security and with the growing problems with credit card fraud and identity theft, this has become even more important to our customers.

The major credit card companies have developed a security standard to help companies and their order taking call centres that take credit card payments. By following these guidelines companies like Frontline can successfully defend themselves against a wide range of security threats including credit card fraud and hacking attempts.

The payment card industry data security standard or PCI DSS is very important to Frontline and we have therefore started a significant investment program to prove to the credit card companies and our customers that we can achieve PCI compliance. Our processes are already being reviewed and streamlined to follow the guidelines of the new 1.2 PCI standards and we will follow that up with upgrades to our technology in order to further enhance the security of our systems.

We have in fact already helped one of our customers achieve full PCI compliance for their order taking system.

When the investment program is completed we are confident we can provide the safest and most secure environment that our customers demand. Every company that use an outsourced call centre to take their customers orders should make sure that the call centre they use have the best technology available to protect their customers details and this is exactly what we are setting out to achieve.

By Jon Anderson (Information Security Group/Operator)