How Do We Improve Our Staff? Training.



In a continuing effort to fulfill our staffs’ potential, we are starting to provide NVQ qualifications for all our staff. We are lucky enough to have our own Training Department and the staff work hard to ensure that our Managers, Shift Leaders and Customer Service staff receive ongoing ‘in house’ training as well as being sponsored to take nationally recognised qualifications.

As Training Manager I feel it is my responsibility to ensure that all our Customer Service staff are given the opportunity to broaden their capabilities and in doing this, we believe, as a company, that it will help reach everyone’s maximum potential within Frontline.

At present we have five Customer Service Operators who are currently taking NVQ Level 2/3 in Customer Service and from August another batch of Customer Service Operators will also be taking part.   So far it has proved very successful, as the Operators that are currently taking part, have found the experience very useful and empowering.  Not only do they understand and gain further experience within the Customer Service arena but they are also adding a recognised qualification to their CV.

I feel that if you look after your staff, they in turn will work harder for you; they feel more appreciated.

“I have really enjoyed doing my NVQ. I understand more of what we do and why we do it. This is because we know what we have to do and just go on auto pilot but we never really stop to think about why we do it.

It gives you more of an understanding so you can appreciate the work you do and appreciate the people you speak to on the phone.” Heidi Cruikshank

Article written by Lisa Wheeler (Training Manager)