Why your online business needs a call centre

When you run an online business it’s tempting to keep it all in one place. That means that all services are run digitally, including customer contact. However, being an online business can put you at a disadvantage if you aren’t able to communicate efficiently or effectively with your customers. With that in mind, here are four reasons why your online business needs a call centre.

1. Human interaction

When you run an online business, telephone calls are the only way to offer human interaction with your customers. When they can’t simply ‘pop in store’ to speak to a member of staff or a manager, you take away a vital part of the customer experience by not offering an alternative. Phone calls enable customers to speak directly to another person, without the impersonal response of online message or FAQ pages.

2. Adds personality

It’s so important that your online business does not come across as soulless. You need to inject it with personality to get people talking, create a strong impression and maintain customer loyalty. Having friendly, confident and helpful call centre staff adds a personable aspect to your business, which builds trust and keeps people interested in what you do.

3. Resolves issues

When a customer is stressed, angry, confused or upset the last thing they want is to have to wait for a response to their email. They could need help, advice or support at that exact moment and that time spent waiting for a reply can increase stress and unhappiness. Having a call centre service allows customers to get an immediate response, and being able to talk directly to another human instils reassurance and customer satisfaction.

4. Increase sales

Many people like to ask questions before making a purchase. Call centre staff should be on hand to answer any queries and encourage the customer to make their purchase with confidence. You’ll soon see an increase in sales!

If your business needs a 24 hour telephone answering service then contact Frontline (https://www.wearefrontline.co.uk/contact/) today. Our customer service team will adapt to your business, and be on hand for your customers at all hours of the day and night, so you never miss an opportunity to impress.