3 simple ways to improve tone of voice in customer service

For all customer service representatives, the tone of voice is so important when it comes to making customers feel at ease, assured and happy. This is particularly important for call centre agents, who cannot use facial expressions or body language to express themselves to the customer. There are three really simple ways to improve your tone of voice in customer service. Just take a look…

1. Speak naturally

People often refer to themselves as having a ‘phone voice’. That is a voice that they use exclusively for phone calls. While it is important to speak in a professional manner to your customers, it is also important to use your natural speaking voice. By doing so, you eliminate the risk of sounding fake or patronising. It will help the customer relate to you, understand you and connect with you.

2. Consider the context

The context of the call will tell you immediately what sort of tone you should take for the call’s duration. If someone is angry or calling to complain, you should use calm and professional tones. If someone is sad or emotional, you should be gentle, understanding and kind. If it is a business call, you will need to be clear and concise. Context is extremely important in making sure your tone of voice is appropriate for the circumstances of the call.

3. Don’t get defensive

Defensiveness can easily show in your tone, so you must try to avoid this. When customers complain, shout and get angry it can be easy to become defensive, but staying calm is key. Defensiveness will seep into your tone of voice, making it quipped, high-pitched and sharp. This will only make the customer feel worse and could make for a very difficult, and almost argumentative, interaction.

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