Continuity Support for Your IT Business

When it comes to IT support and customer service support, any downtime can cause massive disruption to productivity levels and hit profits hard if undetected for too long. Our team offers a professional continuity support service that assists businesses at times where traffic has increased to a level where the in-house team cannot cope with demand effectively.

The last thing you want is for customers, to be left hanging in the cold. We can monitor all traffic coming into your phones, website and live chat box application, ensuring that should there be a need to scale up or scale down, it is effectively achieved quickly in order to minimise disruption.

Our team has plenty of experience and know-how in CRM and help desk applications. What this means is that whenever your core IT support team is overwhelmed with customer support requests, our team can step in and keep the phones answered, the helpdesk manned and have the knowledge in place to work to your specific brand standards. Your customers will not know that they are talking to a team outside of your company, as we’ll deliver to the same high standards as you expect from your in-house team.

We build a dedicated team to support each individual company. Developing the team to understand in-depth problems and solution plans that you would put forward to your customers, and we develop client-specific SLAs that are rigidly adhered to.

For more information about our IT Support continuity service please feel free to contact the Frontline team on 01489 866 630, or email