How Call Centres Help Charities Raise Money

The charity sector has many different requirements and has many different types of people that relies on it. At Frontline we understand the pressures that charities are under, and we have encountered many different types of charitable organisations, with many different types of requests over the years. For some charities there is an urgent need to find more donors and sponsors, for others its active listeners to step in and be a shoulder to cry on, or an emergency contact during a time of great stress and crisis for an individual.

Whatever the needs of a charity, a contact centre team can be of great use.

At Frontline we always make sure that our staff have been highly trained in many different areas of call centre work. We know that there is a different pressure point to cold calling to try and sell a product over the telephone than there is being an inbound contact centre agent for a charity that deals in domestic abuse. Therefore, we know that we have to provide high and consistent standards that match the charity that we are working with 100%.

Those charities where there is a need to maintain a pretty high level of donations, it can be difficult at times to have an in-house team on staff at all times. If there is a drive to increase donations during certain times of the year, hiring our contact centre staff to become an additional donation team alongside your own, or to fully control the outbound donation calls, could help to free up volunteers and other charity employees to perform other, much-needed tasks that will help those that the charity is in aid of.

In other cases, we might be needed as a way of ensuring that no call is lost. This is especially needed for charities that deal with sensitive and critical situations, and where a caller may be vulnerable, lost and in need of assistance. This requires a delicate balancing act for the person representing the charity on the phone, and you do not want to risk a long call waiting time or a potential disconnection from the call due to your internal team being at full capacity. This is where the Frontline service can help charities.

The staff here at Frontline understand the issues that charities face in the modern age. There has never been as much pressure and focus on charities to be performing in the correct, moral way, and it is important to us that charitable organisations have access to the same standards of practice and delivery of service that our other clients receive. If your charity is looking at ways to increase its outreach, to make inroads into new campaigns seeking charitable donations, or you need assistance building a team of agents with empathy and active listen as a core skill, please get in touch today with us. You can do so by calling 01489 866630 or by emailing