How Order Taking Services can Help a Small or Medium-Sized Business

Small and medium size businesses have many challenges and obstacles to overcome if they are to be successful. For many businesses of this size the chance to scale has too many pitfalls to contend with, and one of those is how to maintain a high level of standards and consistency with an order-taking service. Order taking services, whether through an online process or over the telephone make sense for many businesses, but there are a few things t consider.

As with other parts of a small and growing business, you might find at first that a single person will have a few different roles that they are expected to fulfil. At a point where cashflow is tight this is understandable, but at some point if your customer numbers begin to grow it is only natural that you begin to suffer from an internal team that is unable to deal with the quantity of calls, or unable to maintain a high level of accuracy and customer service standards due to the fact it is not the primary role and skillset of the people tasked with taking orders.

This is where an external contact centre team can help immensely.

Take our service here at Frontline as a prime example. Our highly trained call centre staff are at hand to become your order taking service if you wish. What this means is that your existing in-house team can focus on the tasks that you originally hired them for. They can also be tasked with implementing the processes that enable a smooth delivery of the products and services that we are helping you take orders for. You’ll never struggle with capacity issues again, and you’ll have the flexibility to scale up when you need to, as well as scale back down at times where you are receiving fewer calls and requests for orders.

Order taking is an important process for many businesses. If your business relies on order taking through the telephone or via an online ordering system, you should consider hiring out the services of an experienced contact centre team to assist you. At Frontline we have teams with an in-depth knowledge of the order taking process. Our teams are highly trained in all aspects of your brand, they understand your products and services inside out, and they know how to ensure a smooth process that keeps the cogs running smoothly within all aspects of your organisation, allowing your in-house employees to focus on the tasks that they are experienced and good at.

If you would like to find out more about our order taking service to help your start-up business or medium sizes business scale to something bigger without overstretching your internal team and without compromising high standards, contact Frontline today. If you can make the ordering process as smooth as possible for your customers, it makes life so much better for both parties. To find out more please contact Frontline today by calling 01489 866630 or by emailing