Maintaining a Short and Sweet Conversation with a Potential Customer

When it comes to talking with potential customers on the phone you’ll often come across those who just love to talk, or talk non-stop due to nerves. It can be a dangerous balancing act for a sales agent to be caught on the phone for too long with a potential customer – trying to find the right way to move a conversation on without being rude. With our experienced contact centre on your side we can help you ensure that conversations are concise and effective with your potential and existing customers, building long-term relationships that work for both parties.

If it seems like you are losing control of the conversation the first thing to do is ask a closed question that ensures there is not as much of a chance of the other person talking for many minutes at a time without response. Depending on the reason for the call you could if they have received any marketing materials from your company, or if they wish to receive such materials in the future.

Keep the conversation as simple as possible, ensuring that there is a lower risk of a conversation being diverted to a different topic, or that there is a conversation about finer details of an aspect of the conversation that are just not required at this time. Break the call up into big chunks, with the detail coming after a sale (or the intended goal) has been reached.

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