The Importance of Listening Ear Services

Within certain sectors it is never acceptable for a caller to have to wait for a call to be answered. It could be that a vulnerable person is calling from a dangerous situation, or is in need of an understanding ear. Where 24-hour support is required to assist communities in need of support, a listening ear service is a vital component of that assistance.

Frontline offers our Listening Ear service as a way of extending hotlines in order to keep up with demand whenever necessary. The lines will be open to our specialist teams at times where a service is being inundated with a high volume of calls or at times where it is necessary to extend opening hours to 24/7 for phone lines.

In situations where professional counselling services and the like are stretched and under pressure, our listening ear service provides that much needed peace of mind that all calls will be answered, even when a service is stretched beyond its capabilities, and that no vulnerable person is left alone, isolated and without a person to talk to about his or her problems.

Our team is highly trained and will be carefully regulated and under your control, developing approved scripts that ensure your brand and compassion is followed to the finest detail at all times.

If you would like to find out more information about our Listening Ear service please contact the friendly customer service team at Frontline today by calling 01489 866 630. Alternatively, you can email and we’ll return to you at a convenient time.