The Values of Frontline

At Frontline we have over 16 years of experience in call centre services, delivering a consistent and high level of quality to our customers in a wide range of scenarios and industries. Many times, our customers have come to us with problems that they have struggled to solve up to that point and we have been able to deliver a service that relieves pressure, maintains standards and consistency and allows other aspects of their business to thrive.

Our values mean everything to us, and we hope that our clients always see this shine through when working with us. At Frontline we offer a wide range of services dedicated to helping our clients to keep in touch with their customers in the most effective way. We offer:

  • Overflow call handling
  • Out of hours services
  • Emergency call services
  • Order taking services
  • Multi-channel communication services
  • Call handling and escalation
  • Listening ear services
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Reporting and CRM logging
  • Business continuity planning

Our company is built on a few ideals. We aim to create a dynasty of call centre services that is well respected throughout our industry and beyond, continuously striving to improve and to raise the standards for our employees to maximise their potential and provide our customers with the best possible service at all times.

We work on four key values and principles:

  1. Co-Operation – we work as one team, remaining unified in order to achieve something great. This transmits into how we operate with our clients, acting as you when representing you on calls with your customers, suppliers and potential customers.
  2. Excellence – Everything we do must reach a certain standard of excellence, otherwise it is not worth doing. Our clients see that their reputation is maintained or enhanced after hiring our services due to the standards we insist upon.
  3. Trust – We communicate with our clients with a certain level of respect that we want to be treated with. Our aim is to build long-standing relationships with our client’s, and this begins at home with how we want our employees to feel about us. Trust is a big issue.
  4. Loyalty – We are loyal to our employees and customers, striving for the best at all times, treating them well and delivering what you always set out to do.

Our values ensure that every single service that we deliver to our clients is done so with the utmost professionalism and to a consistent high standard. We never want to let down our clients and with this in mind ensure that there is a thorough and continuous training programme for every single employee. This means that any person working for us understands what it takes to be a great customer service agent.

On top of that, any client that comes to us will want to know that their service is being delivered with professionalism, courtesy, but also a full understanding of their company ideals, branding, services, products and internal processes. If you hire us to be your customer service team, we’ll know all about the products and services that you sell and how to move a customer on to the right place to make a purchase. Alternatively, if you hire us to be your complaints department, we’ll understand the internal mechanisms that process those complaints and how to escalate in the correct manner without losing a customer completely to a negative experience.

To find out more about our services please feel free to contact the Frontline team today on 01489 866630 or by emailing