Understanding Different Customer Types

When it comes to developing relationships with customers and reaching a point where they are happy to sign on the dotted line and commit to purchasing your goods or services there are a few different hoops you have to jump through. Whether you are cold calling prospective customers or taking inbound calls from customers, you will encounter various personality types and objections to overcome. With the assistance of an experienced contact centre team your company can quickly overcome these obstacles.

A Customer that Haggles – How to react to a customer that is trying to haggle with you is purely down to how much responsibility you have as an individual, and how much flexibility you have in terms of the price of the product or service. Our team is highly experienced in objection handling should there be no flexibility in price to offer.

A Nervous Customer – Some potential customers will be tentative when taking to you and not want to commit to absolutely anything. In these circumstances it is best to try soft closing techniques, asking questions in a simple manner and finding out what is important to that specific customer.

A Customer that Wants to Hang Up Immediately – You have to be quick in these circumstances as you’ll only have a window of a few seconds. The best approach is to ask why they have no interest, as a way in to developing any sort of conversation where you can work out the objection and find a solution that matches that caller’s expectation.

If you would like our team of experienced contact centre agents to help you with your outbound sales process or inbound customer service traffic we certainly have the ability to help. To find out more about our service and how the Frontline team is in the perfect position to help, contact us today on 01489 866 630 or info@wearefrontline.co.uk.