Understanding Your Call Centre Customers

In order to improve as a company it is vital that you understand your customers. Without a healthy understanding of what makes your customers tick, you could end up losing them to your competitors. As a professional call centre service we understand how important it is for our teams to act as if we are you when dealing with your customers, and that is why we employ some feedback that helps your customers feel part of the family.

Ask Fewer Questions to Learn More About Them –There will be times when you want us to collect information from your customers. This could be a direct call that has been agreed previously and is purely for feedback, or just a short survey after a customer service call. We’ll always ask as few questions as possible, as this is more likely to lead to genuine answers.

Feedback on Feedback to Demonstrate Good Listening – Whether at the end of a survey call or at another time, we can go through the feedback with your customers once again, ensuring that they understand we have listened and that they are important to your brand. This helps to build long-term trust and a relationship worth having with your customers.

Call Recording Training for Staff Improvement – Through call recording we can listen back on specific calls and improve the standards that our team is performing to, as well as look at specific incidents and queries from customers that could indicate positive or worrying trends for you to be aware of.

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