Utilising Call Centre Services for the Charity Sector

Charitable organisations are always working within tough situations and environments, at home and abroad. Depending on the type of work that a charity undertakes it could be receiving calls of a sensitive nature from distressed callers, or calls from emergency or disaster zones.

At Frontline we have developed a highly trained team of call operatives who understand how best to deal with calls involving the charity sector. We can offer critical support during time sensitive operations and projects, ensuring charity workers can stay safe in dangerous parts of the world, and that callers are safe.

In some cases a caller will lose connection. If they are living under great and demanding stress, and in the centre of a crisis that is yet to fully unfold, our team can ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. We will attempt to reconnect the call as soon as possible, identifying emergency situations including those where a caller is unable to remain on the line but is able to send an SMS text message for example.

For domestic charities that house donation lines it can be difficult at times to maintain a high standard and high number of inbound callers to process charitable donations. We can ensure you never miss a call, with fully trained staff that understand your charity’s core concepts and can take calls and receive donations whilst acting as your charity.

At Frontline we offer a wide range of contact centre services, including call escalation that provides invaluable assistance to organisations within the charity sector at times of crisis and callers describing situations of a sensitive nature. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your charity, please call us today on 01489 866 630. Alternatively, you can email info@wearefrontline.co.uk and we’ll return to you at a convenient time.