Utilising Chatbots to Improve the Customer Experience

At Frontline we are always looking to evolve and change with the times. One area in which technology has improved drastically is with the chatbot on a company website. Whereas in the past it was seen as a slow and cumbersome way to deal with customer queries, and a process, which left many people feeling cold, it can now be used in a more productive and positive way.

Direct Customers to the Right Department – One way in which chatbots can be very helpful to a modern customer service team is by asking questions of the customer in a way that helps to then direct them to the exact department that will be able to help as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Take Vital Information to Speed up the Process – The process should be as fast as possible to a resolution for the customer, and the chatbot can receive personal information and specific queries that is inputted into the system for whoever takes the actual call.

Combination of Automation and Human Touch – This combination of chatbots and real human call centre operatives is the most attractive proposition for the modern day customer. It mixes fast and effective automation and input of boring details, with a human touch that is more likely to get the job done.

We can work closely with you to ensure that you are fully covered in all things customer service. If you would like our contact centre team to be the department that your website chatbots directs customers to, we are happy to help. To find out more about the Frontline service contact our friendly team today on 01489 866 630 or info@wearefrontline.co.uk.