Benefits from using a Telephone Answering Service No.5

Hi it’s Sean again from Frontline Telephone Answering Service. As promised here is the second benefit for using a Telephone Answering Service.

At Frontline Telephone Answering Service we offer a tailor made service that revolves around YOU.

Here are a few example of what we can do for you:

  • Answer calls in your companies name. Which is gives the caller the perception that they have got through to your company and not a call centre.
  • We send the details from the call to YOU  in a manner that suits YOU. For example we can pass the details via Email, Fax, SMS and over the phone.
  • Even the way that we interact with your customers or clients can be tailored to fit your business. For example we can answer your phones, respond to SMS or Email and we can even interact with your customers via Web Chat.

 If you want to know more about our Telephone Answering Service call us on: 01489 866 630