What it takes to serve customers of a luxury brand

As customers of a high-end brand are paying a lot of money for a product or service, they rightly demand to be treated like royalty. According to data from Help Scout, it is 60-70% easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

As a result, nothing builds a brand – especially a luxury one – as effectively as great customer service. Done well, customer service will never fail to drive brand loyalty or bring in a healthy amount of repeat purchases.

If you walk into the store of a luxury brand, you’ll see impeccably-dressed staff with smiles on their faces, ready to serve you. They’re trained to do everything to ensure your experience in their store is a positive one. The same must be true of the way the brand deals with you over the phone or online.

With this in mind, here’s just some of what it takes the best-outsourced customer service agents to serve a luxury brand (and their customers):

Product knowledge

A deep understanding of the product or service is a must for any customer service agent working for a maker or retailer of luxury items. They should be trained to ensure they know every feature of every product/service. The agent must also be able to deduce the best option, or combination of options, to fully address the needs of the customer.

Knowing all there is to know about a product/service makes the agent an expert, which in turn fosters brand loyalty through trust and makes the customer more likely to hand over their hard-earned cash.

Consistent brand voice

The customer service agent must master a brand’s tone of voice to make sure this remains consistent across different channels. In essence, when talking to your team over the phone or through online chat, a consumer must have exactly the same feeling as when they’re watching a TV ad for the brand, or browsing your website.

24/7/365 service

Part of treating customers like royalty is being on hand for them whenever they need you. Hiring a 24-hour customer service team is a great way to ensure that your customer is never left waiting or wanting.

At Frontline, we have the skills and resources to give your customers the service they expect from your luxury brand. For more information, please get in touch.